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Trafficking & Exploitation

Sex Trafficking is a BOOMING business

Demand is high. The revenue source is reliable. Methods to recruit, buy and sell are becoming increasingly innovative.

AZ children are being victimized

In a recent study of Arizona homeless youth, nearly 40% of females reported being sex trafficked.  

Sexually exploited victims have unique needs requiring specialized care - sparsely available

Victims of sex trafficking often go unidentified or misidentified, leading to types of care that leave the real problem masked. For example, only treating the victim for drug abuse or teen pregnancy. Successful programs must be uniquely informed by an experienced understanding of trafficking victimization to best provide comforting protective shelter and appropriate trauma informed care, with a focus towards restoring dignity.


Caregivers need support to provide consistent  care

Those who provide direct care for the women and girls we serve have a more than 1 in 2 chance of experiencing Secondary Traumatic Stress. Of those who  experience this type of stress, 80% are women. Losing a caregiver compounds and disrupts the healing of the victims in their care. 

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